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Latest Articles from the Journal

July 28, 2016

Teaching Buddhism Inside Prison – Part III: Truthfulness

Mr. B captured my attention from the first class. Rather than set ‘rules of conduct’ o

July 14, 2016

Teaching Buddhism Inside Prison – Part II: Wisdom

Jacoby Ballard will share three articles in the month of July about his work teaching Budd

July 12, 2016

10 Lessons on Celtic Spirituality & The Eternal Call Within Us

There must be some primeval magnet that draws me toward the sea. Just being there replenis

July 7, 2016

Teaching Buddhism Inside Prison – Part I: Compassion

Jacoby Ballard will share three articles in the month of July about his work teaching Budd

June 30, 2016

The Mystical Poetry of Rûmî: Divine Bliss and Heartache

What is this bliss, this sweet intoxication known to lovers of God? What is this bewilderi

June 28, 2016

Awareness On The Stage of Life: No Rehearsal Required

What would it be like to perform with awareness onstage with no advance preparation? David

Featured Communities

Life is to be lived in community. Our heart behind our directory
is to highlight places where you can find solace for your soul
in the midst of a hectic, chaotic world.
Here are some featured communities.

sky farm retreat

Retreat: Sky Farm Heritage

Sky Farm Hermitage was founded by the hermit Fr Dunstan Morrissey in 1975. He established it in the Hesycast tradition with a chapel and nearby hermitages. Wild nature surrounds Sky Farm and draws one into its stillness and silence: this is the rare gift Sky Farm imparts.

Located: Sonoma, California

St Mary by the sea retreat

Retreat: Saint Mary by-the-Sea Retreat House

Saint Mary by-the-Sea, Cape May Point, is a retreat house sponsored by the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia to provide opportunities for annual retreat for the members of the Congregation and others who desire a similar retreat experience.

Located: Cape May Point, New Jersey

Wilderness Edge Retreat

Retreat: Wilderness Edge Retreat

Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre is located in beautiful Pinawa, Manitoba inside Whiteshell Provincial Park and on the edge of Canada’s Canadian Shield overlooking the Winnipeg River. The Retreat Centre is an adaption of an 80,000 sq. ft. staff house, built in 1963, for Atomic Energy of Canada scientists.

Located: Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada

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