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Who We Are / Our Mission

What is Contemplative Journal?

Knowing. Awakening. Peace.

Contemplative Journal is an online educational magazine whose goal is to empower people on the meditative path. We believe that those embarking on the journey of knowing themselves will awaken to the Love that encompasses the universe and find the healing of inner peace. Our articles, classes, and retreat listings are dedicated to helping people navigate all areas of their lives through the power of transformational spiritual practice.

Our Logo

Hummingbirds have great spiritual significance across many different religious backgrounds. When they fly, their wings make the shape of the infinity symbol, which is a sign of eternity, living without worry in the present, and not dwelling on the past.

Hummingbirds represent the great spiritual journey, as these tiny birds can travel over 500 miles on their migration. Even though they’re one of the smallest birds, they’re a powerful token of preparation, adaptability, and endurance on the spiritual path.

The hummingbird is also a symbol of love, joy, and beauty. They’re a token against negativity and darkness. The hummingbird lifts and lightens the mood of those who see it because of their friendly humming and vibrant coloring.

Our staff believes that the hummingbird represents our mission well. We think you will, too. We hope that when seeing our hummingbird hovering over water, dipping into the depths of contemplative wisdom for its long flight, you will smile and remember your own spiritual journey.

Our Slogan

Knowing. Awakening. Peace.

The contemplative life is all about knowing oneself, awakening to true enlightenment, and finding inner peace. What a powerful transformation! If only every single person in the world could embark on this path, our world would see the peace we crave. CJ is dedicated to teaching others how to travel down this path of enlightenment. Ultimately, it’s about healing oneself, tapping into the Love of the universe, then healing the world through the light found within.


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