Chakra Talk: Your Perfection is Your Superpower

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Chakra Talk: Your Perfection is Your Superpower

This is the fourth installment in a series of eight articles. In my first article, I shared about the structure of the body’s seven primary energy centers (chakras), their location along the spine, and each chakra’s God aspect, as described in my book, The Eight Aspects of God: A Pathway to Bliss. In the second and third articles, I shared about specific aspects associated with the first two major energy centers, peace and wisdom, respectively. In this article, we’ll continue working our way up the spine with a focus on the third energy center.

The third of the seven major chakras is the lumbar chakra, located near the navel and solar plexus, and its God aspect is power—personal power. This chakra is associated with the fire element, so engaging it ignites will and determination while promoting positive qualities, like self-trust, self-respect, self-confidence, and, most important, self-love. Allowing your fire to smolder, on the other hand, promotes negative traits, such as low self-esteem, victim mentality, self-doubt, all characteristics that can make you feel undeserving of receiving love.

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving a sense of personal power and fostering self-love is feeling inferior, which stems from feeling imperfect. Being human, in and of itself, is to be imperfect. The truth is, though, as a spiritual being you are innately perfect. Therefore, if we can identify more with our spiritual essence—our perfection—we can overcome feelings of inadequacy associated with our imperfect human selves. We can even feel liberated as we go about being human. We can know perfection while living an imperfect existence.

In order to stand in such a powerful place, though, we must work to overcome our ignorance about perfection. To be ignorant means you don’t know something. For example, if you’ve heard throughout life that you are imperfect, you come to believe it. But that’s a lie. It’s not your fault to think you are imperfect—it’s what you’ve been told, you didn’t know otherwise—but it is your fault if you don’t work to overcome this untruth once you become aware of it. In his book, How to Be Happy All the Time, Paramhansa Yogananda says, “Never dwell on the thought of your shortcomings.” Instead, he says, “Convince yourself of your innate perfection. Thus you will find yourself drawn to remember your eternal nature as a child of God.”

Once you know about your perfection, you can’t un-know it; you can’t turn it off. To do so is the worst kind of ignorance. Yogananda says of ignorance, “The greatest healing you should pray for is the healing of your ignorance, so that you will never go back to your old life.” Ignoring the power of your spiritual essence is to go back to your old life, and what causes you to turn on yourself; it’s where you lose your sense of power and forget how to love yourself.

It’s easy to identify more with the flaws of being human than the perfection of spirit. It takes will and determination—inner fire—to have the integrity to be your best self. But to live from a high state of integrity, especially in times of suffering, is where you shine. Integrity is to humanness what perfection is to spirit.

One way to help transform thoughts of imperfection to thoughts perfection is through meditation and contemplation, beginning with a visualization exercise.

Let’s try it:

Get comfortable and settle in with a few rounds of deep breathing. Place one hand at the navel area and the other just above, at the solar plexus. Feel your body expanding and contracting.

Now, imagine your breath as a radiant, golden light, like the sun at midday. Gather the warmth of the sun into your hands. You might feel a vibration in your palms. Stay with this for a several minutes, focusing on the energy collecting in your hands.

Next, keeping the focus on the energy in your hands, slowly move them away from your body and with a gentle brushing movement, drawing your hands up the front of your body and pausing at your heart center, your throat, your forehead, and finally at your crown.

Keeping the focus on the energy in your hands, draw your hands down your body. If you feel called to pause at any time, do so, and then allow your hands to continue down your body to your feet. On the next inhale, draw your hands up and rest them on your belly where you started. Be here for several minutes.

With great focus, will, and determination, imagine yourself as a radiant, powerful being of light.

Now, stand up and move into Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2 pose). Once settled in the pose, affirm, “I joyfully manifest the power of God.”

Surrounded by God’s grace you are invincible and fearless in the face of adversity. Nothing on earth can touch you. You and God are one in the same. To know this is to know your perfection.

Ruthie Stender
Ruthie Stender

Ruthie Stender, certified meditation and yoga teacher, is an award-winning author in both memoir and spiritually based self-help. Ruthie believes that in sharing our stories we find greater compassion, love and understanding for one another and see just how interconnected we are as humans. Feeling this sort of heart connection with another human being is what motivates her as a writer and teacher. The theme of Ruthie’s personal story is resilience. One thing she says she’s learned, though, is that resilience isn’t necessarily about “toughing it out” so much as it is about tapping into your spirit. Spiritual energy runs through our veins; it’s the life force that sustains us during hardship and lights us up on the other side of it. Ruthie’s aim is to help others remember, and draw on, their own resilience—their own spiritual energy—through her work as an author, teacher and speaker. For more about Ruthie and her work, please visit