Retreat: Tau Center

Retreat: Tau Center

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Retreat: Tau Center

Tau Center

26W171 Roosevelt Road
P.O. Box 667
Wheaton, IL 60187

Established in 2008 by the Wheaton Franciscans, Tau Center is committed to the transformation of our world by helping individuals awaken to the sacredness of life.
Tau Center is a peaceful space, both indoors and outdoors, where individuals and groups of diverse spiritual traditions can nourish their lives and find companions on their spiritual journey. In the spirit of Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi, we welcome all people looking for greater meaning in life and a deeper relationship with God, others, self, and all Creation. When you visit Tau Center, we hope you feel a sense of quiet beauty, peacefulness and at one with God.

Our amenities include:

  • Quiet Rooms at Tau Center are simple, yet comfortable spaces where you can spend time in quiet contemplation on your own, or perhaps seek spiritual direction with one of our practitioners.
  • Our Meditation Rooms invite you to encounter the Divine and enter into the depth of your heart and soul where you will find peace, inspiration and wholeness.
  • Labyrinth walking is an ancient practice used by many different faiths to facilitate prayer, meditation, and spiritual transformation. When you walk the labyrinth, the winding path becomes a metaphor for your spiritual journey.
  • Our Lady of the Angels Chapel offers a beautiful, gentle place for you to connect with God and community.
  • Our Peace Path is a winding path through a beautiful prairie of several acres planted with native Illinois grasses and small woodlands. This is a beautiful space for a walking meditation, allowing for both spiritual reflection and physical exercise.

We offer a sacred space to assist you on your own spiritual journey – whether it is to reconnect with your inner-spirit or whether you are seeking a deeper relationship with God and the world around you.

From sound meditations to creative spirituality to contemplative practices, our programs encourage an awakening of the spirit that leads to hope, healing, peace and transformation.

Our open and diverse approaches to spiritual programs provide a comfortable space for people on different spiritual paths. We offer many perspectives to spiritual enrichment, including:

  • Contemplation and Prayer (teachings and practices)
  • Creative Spirituality through reflections and/or meditations, visual arts, soundings, music, etc.
  • Inner-Exploration and Self-Reflection
  • Holistic Care and Healing Arts for body, mind and soul
  • Our spirituality program seasons run September through May of each year.

At Tau Center, we know how essential and nurturing it is to take a personal ‘timeout’, and how a day of retreat can rejuvenate your inner-spirit and your outer-being. We invite you to spend a personal retreat day at our facility where you can take advantage of our individual quiet rooms, beautiful grounds, peace path, chapel, and other amenities. We’re here to provide a space that allows you to take time for you. Write, create, pray, meditate, or just find your inner-voice in the silence. We even encourage you to take a nap! We invite you to spend a day at Tau Center. Retreat days can be self-directed or customized as a guided retreat focused on your spiritual path or interests.

As you seek inner-peace in your life, a Guided Retreat offers a personal, quiet space to explore your relationship with God and the love that surrounds you always. We work closely with you to create a Guided Retreat customized around your needs and where you are in life and on your spiritual journey. A quiet retreat provides an opportunity to rest, renew, learn and grow in your own spirituality.
During the retreat you are provided a comfortable Quiet Room and also given time for contemplative and solitary activities, including prayer, journaling, reading, walking the grounds, art and music, and use of our Chapel.

You may also request the companioning of a spiritual director during your retreat. Our directors are sensitive and responsive to where you are on your journey and are experienced in different faith practices. You will have time to meet with one of them and share any issues that may have emerged. You may be given a scripture reading or something that might help you to be compassionately present with whatever has surfaced in your life.

Tau Center
26W171 Roosevelt Road
Wheaton, IL 60187

If you’re interested in a day retreat at Tau Center, please visit our website at or call us at 630-909-6805. Tau Center does not offer overnight accommodations but rather single-day retreat and program experiences.

For a list of current spirituality program, visit or sign up for our e-newsletter for the latest offerings.

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