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Moving Through Grief

A Guide to Inner Wholeness

by Donna Miesbach

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Whether we like it or not, loss and the ensuing grief is a natural part of life. If you are going through grief, my heart goes out to you. The “good news” is that we go through grief. That means we don’t have to stay there. Working through grief is a lot like being in school. We can learn a great deal from grief’s lessons if we are willing.

Healing is a process. This is true for the body, but it is also true for the emotions. Feeling lost, alone, confused is normal. Those feelings will pass as you learn to rely on your own inner strength and the wisdom that is deep inside you. That wisdom is always there, always trying to guide you. It is one of your greatest assets.

~Donna Miesbach



In this workshop Donna Miesbach offers tools to help those who are grieving. She provides multiple resources to assist with the process, as well as wise insight and counsel.

Week One

Monday: Coping

Tuesday: Meeting My Basic Needs

Wednesday: Three Keys

Thursday: Establishing a Spiritual Practice

Week Two

Monday: Understanding Your Emotions

Tuesday: Processing Your Emotions

Wednesday: Moving On

Thursday: Finding Your Wholeness

Week Three

Monday: Honoring The Body

Tuesday: Tuning In To Your Body

Wednesday: Working Towards Acceptance

Thursday: Relaxing The Body

Week Four

Monday: Taking Inventory

Tuesday: Embracing The Memories

Wednesday: Special Occasions, Setting Goals

Thursday: Letting Life Lead You


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  • Materials: Workbook (.pdf), video classes, guided video meditations
  • Sections: 4 Weeks
  • Registration: Open Now!!!

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About Donna Miesbach

Donna Miesbach has been writing for Contemplative Journal since 2014. Now she has joined our online teaching staff with her course, Moving Through Grief, A Guide to Inner Wholeness.

For over thirty years, Donna Miesbach’s inspirational poems and articles have reached around the globe through such venues as Unity Magazine, Daily Word, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II, Ideals, and the Cup of Comfort book series.

Donna is the award-winning author of From Grief to Joy, A Journey Back to Life & Living. She was a featured author in Wise Women Speak, 20 Ways to Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones.

Among her other books are the Tools for Teens program and Trails of Stardust, Poems of Inspiration and Insight. In 1985, she was named Inspirational Poet of the Year by The Poet Magazine.

Donna also co-authored Coaching for a Bigger Win, A Playbook for Coaches, and Coaching Character and Leadership, A Playbook for Parents, with Greg Roeszler, Founder and Executive Director of Playmakers Mentoring Foundation, Sacramento CA.

Donna has studied extensively with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon, Dr. David Morehouse, Jonathan Goldman and Roger Gabriel, and is a certified Chopra Center Meditation & Yoga Instructor.

Donna lives and teaches in Omaha NE.

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