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The Four Voices Method of Discernment

by Cynthia Bourgeault

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Have you ever hit that decision-making brick wall where you just don’t know what to do? Your first reaction to a challenging decision may be to run for the hills, but then you gather your wits and tell yourself the “right” thing to do. Then you crumple into a heap and say, “I don’t want to do that!” But then you wait and pray for the answer to your dilemma to appear in the sky, paralyzed by the cacophony of voices coming from within—not to mention all of the external voices shouting in your ears.

Cynthia Borgeault brings us a fascinating look at the four inner voices inside all of us, unlocking a whole new method of discerning the best course of action for life’s decisions.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, you will be watching a video teaching session and a video example from Cynthia’s own experience, accompanied by written questions to consider on your own.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will have a spiritual practice to do—some of which, but not all, are accompanied by a video demonstration. Cynthia encourages you to set aside thirty minutes each day to engage in spiritual practices that will help you attune to your inner voices.

Week One

Monday: Introduction To The Four Voices & Example

Tuesday: Spiritual Practice—Seated Meditation

Wednesday: The Nafs Voice & Example

Thursday: Spiritual Practice—Walking Meditation

Week Two

Monday: The Soul Voice & Example

Tuesday: Spiritual Practice—Journaling

Wednesday: The Spirit Voice & Example

Thursday: Spiritual Practice—Embodiment

Week Three

Monday: The Heart Voice & Example

Tuesday: Spiritual Practice—Sensing the Body

Wednesday: The Law of Three & Example

Thursday : Spiritual Practice — Confession

Week Four

Monday: Practical Tips for Success

Tuesday: Spiritual Practice — Prayer

Wednesday: Summarization of Method


  • Type: On Demand Class
  • Sections: 4 Weeks
  • Availability: Unlimited, On Demand

Extra Perks

A downloadable workbook will accompany the class.

4 teaching videos, 4 example videos, and spiritual practices

TCS retreat

About Cynthia Bourgeault

Cynthia Bourgeault is a mystic, writer, and Episcopal priest who has worked closely with colleagues like Thomas Keating, Bruno Barnhart, and Richard Rohr on the meditative practice of Centering Prayer. Cynthia is a founding Director of both The Contemplative Society and the Aspen Wisdom School. Cynthia is the author of eight books, including The Wisdom Jesus, Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening, and The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three. She’s written for magazines such as Parabola Magazine, Gnosis Magazine, and Sewanee Theological Review.

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I took Mark's classes and I mostly enjoyed the depth of his presentation, his clear vision. I also like to hear him interacting with people--really taking time to listen and to understand. I consider Mark one of my most inspiring teachers.

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