A Higher Form of Ethics

A Higher Form of Ethics

At some time or another in the evolution of the human species, I have to believe we will move beyond the primitive form of ethics which presently govern us. I have to believe that the curvature of growth in rational consciousness will help us understand that our common dreams and common aspirations can only serve the best in us when we seek a higher road to walk upon.

If this were to come to pass, we would not even need to consider the issues we are dealing with in this day and age. Human consciousness would have advanced so far that even ethics would be on the very fringe of our thinking. Our evolution as a species would have lifted our consciousness to the level of pure being, where love and compassion are the ground of all expression, and light is the ever-guiding principle.

This ever-expanding curvature of understanding would open us to a new way of communicating and yes, of caring about each other. The issues of the day would not be focused on something so mundane as how to get along with each other. Rather, we would seek to expand our experiential knowledge of the deep level of being which we all share, and which resides in the heart of every one of us.

To access this truer mode of living, we would begin by taking an honest look at our unconscious motives so we might expose them to the light of a deeper understanding. We would commit to exploring the inner depths and recesses of our own heart so we might more fully understand the heart within all of us. As the light of our soul begins to dawn within us, we would seek to bring the realization of our inner wholeness to the forefront of our experience so that the transcendent nature of our humanity would become more accessible to every searching soul.

Indeed, we would find ourselves on the brink of a new level of exploration, as we recognize the mind field for the rich treasure that it is, filled with unlimited potential, and ripe to yield its benefits. Making such possibilities accessible to the human psyche would be both our honor and our great joy, for we would know—not just in our heads, but in the depths of our hearts—that to serve each other is to serve the best in us all. More than that, to uplift one is to uplift all.

It behooves those of us who hold this vision to live by the light we see. Only by our example can we hope to bring more light to the path. In living our lives in utter and absolute compassion, we show it is indeed possible to move beyond the shadows and into the light. Through our genuine caring, others will come to know at last that they are not alone, that theirs is a struggle we all have shared, and that we cannot rest until they can rest as well.

For too long now we’ve lived our complacent lives, maintaining the habitual patterns of behavior that we’ve established, not realizing that if ever life is going to change, these patterns must change. We must change.

Such a commitment is more than our privilege. It is our duty, for who of us can truly be at peace when one of us is suffering? Who of us can fully rest when one of us is in pain? And who of us can find real pleasure in life when there are those of us who live in fear?

The time must come when we walk a higher road where all hearts are not just equal, but are joined as one heart; when, in coming to know our own inner being, we touch upon all being. As we recognize and align ourselves with these deep inner truths, we discover possibilities which we have not yet dreamed. In opening ourselves to the unbounded realm of spirit within us all, we find a potential that has no limits.

There, in that great inner abyss, we establish a sense of communion with the infinite informing spirit that guides us and influences us on every level of our expression. We learn that what seems to be outside us really begins within us. Indeed, all of life has its roots in our core, where dwells the very Source of our being. Life becomes a flow for us, a mingling of inner and outer as the great symphony of creation sings its eternal song through all that we are and do.

As we move in tandem with That Which Is, we find ourselves on a journey through all eternity. Anything less would not be worthy of the human soul, nor would anything less fulfill its ultimate purpose. Truly, we are companions of the stars, and the light within us is our eternal guide.

As we move into this higher orbit, this truer way of being, we leave an imperceptible but very real energy trail behind us, making it easier for others to follow in our steps. Our humble example shows the way. The deeper love and compassion that flows through us teaches us a more complete acceptance of and reverence for all that life brings. As our perception continues to deepen, we learn that what we see is what we are.

More and more, our communication occurs in the realm of silence where understanding minds meet and loving hearts join. So it is that our sense of boundaries begins to dissipate as the fabric of our oneness and the wholeness of existence becomes ever more clear to our wondering eyes. Finally we break out of uninformed mindsets into the light of greater understanding where, moment by moment, we dwell in the awareness of the Presence that is always with us, indeed that is us.

In our wholeness, we are complete. There is nothing we can add to That Which We Are. Nothing is left for us to do except be That which eternally is—consciously.

This is a truth that cannot be taught, only lived. It cannot be given, only found. No matter what our tradition, no matter what paths we have followed, our answers always lead within.

It is time to reclaim what has always been within us. Instead of looking all around us for our answers, we must look within to our Source. Once we have tasted the infinite spirit of which we are a part, we will have found the meaning and purpose we have been seeking.

To touch upon our own divine creative spirit opens us to all we are ready to know. In that sacred moment, we discover that in our core there never has been any need, or lack, or pain, or death. The fears of the past all vanish like mist in the morning sun. The old adage is correct: truth experienced is indeed truth revealed.

We all are destined to transcend our limited vision and move into a more centered way of living. When we do, our lives will flow from our deepest springs and reveal truths for which there are no words. From this new understanding, we re-create both ourselves and our world as our consciousness shifts to an ever deeper, purer level of awareness.

Even as plants grow toward the light, so are we growing toward this greater clarity. Our heart just naturally responds to the gravitational spiritual force that is always at work within us. Much like the prodigal son, we hear the call, and turn at last toward That which is calling. As we work together and grow together, our practice deepens. As new light emerges, we find ourselves trying to fathom an unfathomable well. There is so much more we can be. Of course. How could it be any other way?

Truly, the wisdom of the cosmos is at work in our mind, in our spirit, and in our body. We need only listen. The messages are there, if we will but give them our attention, if we will simply cultivate an awareness of our inner being where our wholeness is intact. And so we go within. Again and again.

It is our dedication that prepares us to receive That which cannot be spoken. At last we find what we never lost. And so we wake up to a higher form of ethics that opens us to ways of living—and being—which we could not previously access.

This more transcendent view does not deny the world, but rather illumines and sanctifies all that is within it. While the dawning of this awareness transcends time, still it finds its expression in time through us. Its utter wisdom transcends our humanness, yet makes us supremely human. The experience of this higher frequency, this pure God essence within us, transforms our experience of the world as our eyes open to the light that knows no darkness. In that light is a joy beyond description.

Now that our vision has broadened, we realize that truly there are no “others.” There is only One, manifesting in myriad forms and phenomena. Gradually, like a seed beginning to sprout, we become aware of the Inner Isness we all share and which dwells eternally in our innermost being. That Isness is both our foundation and our Source. This is the Voice—even the song—we long to hear as we travel the cosmos together, enriching each other’s lives through our shared wisdom. Whatever means we use, ours must be a message that can be heard. It is a message that is here, within us, just waiting for its release. It need not be elegant, only sincere. It need not be impressive, only genuine.

We will always be growing, expanding, asking questions. It is not expected that we know the answer, not right away. Asking the question puts the wheels in motion. When we ask from our heart, life will give us our answer. In its own undeniable way, life will reveal what we need to know. We need only ask. And so it is that thousands of years of searching and thousands of traditions all come together in that timeless moment when our inner light dawns and we awaken to the unfathomable depths we harbor.

The mystery of life may never be completely understood, and yet the dream we all share in our hearts can become the reality we all share in our lives. The potential is there. The possibilities are endless, for the capacity of the human heart is beyond measure. When we explore horizons such as these, we are freed to live life at its highest and best.


Here, take my candle,
For I would not have you
Walking in darkness.
Take my shawl
For I do not want you
Shivering in the cold.
Take my bread
That it may give you
Strength for the journey.
Yes, and take my love
So you will never
Feel alone.
Take it all,
For your peace is as
A healing stream to me.
Your comfort echoes in
The chambers of my heart,
And your freedom is as
A light unto my very soul;
So come, gather freely,
For when you have
Found your way,
I, too, shall be
Made whole.
~Donna Miesbach

Donna Miesbach
Donna Miesbach

Donna Miesbach has been writing for Contemplative Journal since 2014. Now she has joined our online teaching staff with her course, Moving Through Grief, A Guide to Inner Wholeness. For over thirty years, Donna Miesbach’s inspirational poems and articles have reached around the globe through such venues as Unity Magazine, Daily Word, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II, Ideals, and the Cup of Comfort book series. Donna is the award-winning author of From Grief to Joy, A Journey Back to Life & Living. She was a featured author in Wise Women Speak, 20 Ways to Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones. Among her other books are the Tools for Teens program and Trails of Stardust, Poems of Inspiration and Insight. In 1985, she was named Inspirational Poet of the Year by The Poet Magazine. Donna also co-authored Coaching for a Bigger Win, A Playbook for Coaches, and Coaching Character and Leadership, A Playbook for Parents, with Greg Roeszler, Founder and Executive Director of Playmakers Mentoring Foundation, Sacramento CA. Donna has studied extensively with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon, Dr. David Morehouse, Jonathan Goldman and Roger Gabriel, and is a certified Chopra Center Meditation & Yoga Instructor. Donna lives and teaches in Omaha NE. For more information, please go to