New Classes Coming Soon!!!

We are currently in the process of preparing classes that will launch the end of Summer and beginning of Fall. More information coming soon!

On-Demand Classes

Cynthia Bourgeault

The Four Voices Method of Discernment
by Cynthia Borgeault

Learn about the distinct voices within you that guide your thoughts and actions, and how to discern which voice offers the best course of action for your life decisions.

Thomas Moore

The Contemplative Soul
by Thomas Moore

Learn how to listen to your deep feelings, attachments, thoughts and memories to embrace a soul-centered, contemplative life.

Exploring The Foundations Of Contemplative Living
by James Finley

What is a contemplative Christian? How can we live in God’s infinite Love? How does an “ordinary” person walk in the mystical every day? How can we move deeper in mystical non dual consciousness? With depth of insight, James Finley offers a look into the all-encompassing Love of the universe.

Additional Classes

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