Simply Notice II

Pull Yourself Apart

and Discover the Infinite

by Peter Dziuban


Clear awareness is the key to happiness, love and freedom. Join us to consciously experience it.

Noticing is familiar to all because it is so natural and easy to do.  It is as easy as noticing the words on this page.

It is so effortless, most of the time it isn’t even noticed that noticing is happening!

Yet look at how powerful it is.  Noticing basically drives everything you appear to do.

Would it have been possible to get the body out of bed this morning without having first noticed you were awake?

Could any meals have been eaten today without having first noticed the food?

Could you have gotten this book without having first noticed that it said something of interest to you?

When noticing is used intelligently it becomes priceless.

It can remove whatever might be in the way of experiencing greater happiness, love and freedom.

One other huge benefit of noticing is that it frees you from false beliefs. Beliefs often limit how you see yourself and your world—thereby severely restricting your life.  Yet this isn’t even realized.  Beliefs cannot block or limit you once they are exposed.  When false beliefs fall away, the limitations and unhappiness they caused fall away with them.

With each simple noticing comes a fresh seeing, a sharper awareness and discernment. This ends unnecessary struggling and leaves one free to enjoy Life as it naturally, effortlessly is.

This experiential teleconference workshop, based on the book Simply Notice, is meant to be a delightful—and at times eye-opening—discovery of how magnificent and free you already are.

Week One

General Overview/Introduction

What Is The Value of Noticing?

Claim The Power of Your Noticing

Week Two

This Book in One Chapter

Notice Some Things About Noticing

Like a Crystal Windshield

Week Three

Life Is Not A Hoarder

Notice Whose Life This Really Is

Life Turned Inside Out

Week Four

Mission Impossible: Find “I”

The Blue Sky Never Struggles To Be Blue

A Movie Screen That Is Alive


  • Type: Livestreamed
  • Materials: Simply Notice (in .pdf format).
  • Course Length: 4 Weeks
  • Availability: Class begins Jan. 7.

Your purchase entitles you to unlimited, on-demand access even after the class has ended!

This class will be offered in two parts. Purchase access to Part 1 of the class to receive a discount good toward the purchase of Part 2.

Peter Dziuban

About Peter Dziuban

Peter Francis Dziuban (pronounced Joobin) is an author and lecturer on the subject of Awareness, Consciousness and spirituality. Peter’s first book, Consciousness Is All, has helped thousands of readers around the world end their search and find clarity, freedom and happiness in life. Peter’s work benefits so many because it is not tied to any teaching or religion.

Peter’s writings and talks are intended to provide an alive experience, rather than a lot of mere ideas or inspiring statements. He currently speaks and holds workshops around the country and on the internet.