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Exploring the Foundations of Contemplative Living

by James Finley

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Dr. James Finley offers a pre-recorded 4-part video course on the foundations of a contemplative lifestyle exclusive to Contemplative Journal. Throughout the course, he answers questions like: What is a contemplative Christian? How can we live in God’s infinite Love? How does an “ordinary” person walk in the mystical every day? How can we move deeper in mystical non dual consciousness? With depth of insight, he offers a look into the all-encompassing Love of the universe.

You don’t have to be a monk or mystic to live a contemplative life. So what is a contemplative Christian? And does one live in the mystical dimensions of life even in the modern world? In these 4 profound videos, Finley speaks on tapping into the Love of the universe that allows us to be completely vulnerable, to find the beauty in every small aspect of the world, and living in inner awareness. He deepens our understanding of the mystic life inside of us all. Living contemplatively will change you inside and out.

Course includes 4 videos and a downloadable workbook with study prompts and weekly spiritual activities. 

Week One

Video: Contemplative Living in the Context of Daily Life
Workbook activities

Week Two

Video: Religious Consciousness as a Way to Contemplative Living
Workbook activities

Week Three

Video: How Ordinary Consciousness Through Faith Gravitates Towards Mystical Consciousness
Workbook activities

Week Four

Video: How Deepening in the Mystical Grounds Us in the Divinity of Ordinary Experience
Workbook activites


  • Type: On Demand Class
  • Sections: 4 Weeks
  • Availability: Unlimited, On Demand

Extra Perks

A downloadable workbook with study guide prompts and spiritual activities will accompany the class.

4 teaching videos with Q& A sessions (1 hour long each)

About James Finley

James Finley, Ph.D. lived as a monk at the cloistered Trappist monastery of the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky, where the world-renowned monk and author, Thomas Merton, was his spiritual director.

James Finley leads retreats and workshops throughout the United States and Canada, attracting men and women from all religious traditions who seek to live a contemplative way of life in the midst of today’s busy world. He is also a clinical psychologist in private practice with his wife in Santa Monica, California.

James Finley is the author of: Merton’s Palace of Nowhere, The Contemplative Heart and Christian Meditation: Experiencing the Presence of God.

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I like the online format, as I work both full-time and a part-time job now. It's a way to continue learning about this path we are on that fits my schedule.

- S.

I took Mark's classes and I mostly enjoyed the depth of his presentation, his clear vision. I also like to hear him interacting with people--really taking time to listen and to understand. I consider Mark one of my most inspiring teachers.

- H.

I took the course by Cynthia Bourgeault on the four voices of discernment. I enjoyed that very much, as it was very practical.

- C.

I like your classes on developing my contemplative prayer.

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I took Four Voices taught by Cynthia Bourgeault. I enjoyed the teaching, then the practical instruction.

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