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Melissa Carroll: Mindful Writing &Yoga

Mindful Writing and Yoga

Unlock Your Creative Spark

by: Melissa Carroll

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“If you change only one life through your writing and that life is your own then it has been enough.” 

~Melissa Carroll

We are all creative beings, yet how often do we give ourselves the time to nurture our creative lives? It is essential to nourish these energies in order to live a more engaged, fulfilled life. The practices of mindfulness meditation and gentle yoga can profoundly support this journey, by helping you:

  • Release mental clutter and clear “writer’s block.”
  • Experience a calmer space of consciousness, which often allows for fresh inspiration.
  • Quiet down your inner critic, which can often impede your creativity and your sense of self-worth.
  • Turn inward and tap into your authentic voice, that which you have to uniquely contribute to the world ~ without being pulled in so many directions from the outside.
  • Release attachment to the results of your creative work.

Along the way, you will learn the most powerful and fundamental techniques to craft more vivid, compelling writing — whether you want to be the next great American novelist or share your life story with friends and family. As a former university professor of creative writing and current yoga teacher and author, Melissa Carroll blends guided meditations, gentle yoga videos suitable for all levels, and specific writing exercises. You will learn to create more striking images, carve out clichéd phrases, and make your writing come to life.

No experience with writing, meditation or yoga necessary; simply a desire to hone your writing skills, whether you want to pen the next great novel, write poetry, or record your life story for your family.

This course includes a workbook, video lessons, 4 gentle yoga classes, and guided meditations to help you develop stronger writing and discover contentment along the way.


  • Type: Pre-Recorded
  • Materials: Workbook (.pdf), video lessons, 4 gentle yoga classes, guided meditations, and a private group for discussion.
  • Sections: 4 Weeks
  • Availability: On Demand

Week One

Week 1: Quieting Down the Noise

2 Talks and 1 Video Yoga Class

  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation and Automatic Writing Video
  • Gentle Yoga to Help You Be Present

Week Two

Week 2: Crafting the Words

3 Creative Writing Craft Lessons and 1 Video Yoga Class

  • The Power of Imagery
  • Sensory Details in Writing and Creative Exercises
  • Gentle Yoga with Deep Breathing Techniques

Week Three

Week 3: Honing Your Voice

2 Creative Writing Craft Lessons, 1 Video Yoga Class, and Guided Meditation Video

  • Exploring How to Best “Write What You Know”
  • Gentle Yoga to Inspire Creativity
  • Guided Meditation Video to Release Attachment

Week Four

Week 4: Calming the Inner Critic

1 Video Talk, 1 Video Yoga Class, and 1 Guided Meditation Video

  • Healing Self-Doubt and The Inner Critic through Non-Judgmental Awareness
  • Journaling Reflection
  • Gentle Yoga with Deep Breathing Techniques
  • Guided Meditation to Free Pressure

About Melissa Carroll

I have the greatest job in the world, and I am deeply grateful for it.

As a certified 200 hr yoga teacher (currently pursuing 500 hr training), Level III Reiki practitioner, writer, and meditation guide, I get to share the peace, joy, and transformative healing that these practices can offer everyone.

My aim is to help students discover the inner peace that exists for them, beneath the busy, frenetic brain, with its constant to-do-lists and what-ifs and I’m-not-good-enoughs. And I know these destructive patterns well.

For thirteen years I suffered from depression and anxiety. I felt the gravity of some uncertainty, some sadness that was at once acute and vague–I couldn’t understand why I felt this knot of self-doubt in my chest, why I woke up each morning feeling broken. I desperately needed the acceptance of others. I sought happiness from outside sources. I kept grasping, but still felt deeply unfulfilled, sad, and confused.

Until, at 22, by complete chance, I received a free Reiki session I didn’t even know what it was at the time–the word Reiki, so exotic–but it changed my life. ​And yeah, that sounds cliche, but after 15 minutes of receiving a Reiki treatment from Maggie Batt, I felt the sense of contentment I’d been searching for. 

Nine years later, I received all three levels of Reiki attunements from my teacher Maggie (Usui lineage), and have also helped her attune and teach others. For the last five years I’ve been lucky enough to guide hundreds of yogis every Sunday at the largest weekly class in Florida, Yoga at Curtis Hixon Park, with Yoga Downtown Tampa. I also teach at The Lotus Pond Center for Yoga & Health, and am a lead taecher in their 200-hr YTT program. I received my MFA in creative writing from University of South Florida, and am the author of the poetry chapbookThe Karma Machine, which received the Peter Meinke Prize, and The Pretty Machine, forthcoming from ELJ Publications. 

I hope to meet you on the mat real soon.

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