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5 Contemplative Steps for Moving from Intent to Action

Here are 5 contemplative steps to help us move our inward intentions into true outward actions in our lives. Fully awake, fully active, fully aware is Thomas Merton’s description of contemplation. Living in ways that keep us awake, aware, and active may be difficult. By resting...

The Importance of Community in Contemplation

Community at Shambhala Meditation Center The Shambhala Meditation Center of St. Petersburg, Florida is a bit tricky to find after sundown. Located in a large building occupied by alternative healers and a yoga studio in a residential neighborhood in downtown St. Pete, the entrance to the...

6 Lessons from Teresa of Avila on Contemplation and Community

I began reading Teresa of Avila’s The Interior Castle to learn more about my journey through learning about Teresa’s journey of prayer to union with God. Little did I know sprinkled throughout this very individual journey was the call to reach out and connect with...

5 Ways Embodiment Helps Us Listen Better

Embodiment is a crucial way to live our lives in better understanding of the world and in relationship with others. Here are 5 ways embodiment helps us to listen more deeply. 

“…If we meet, and if we listen, we reweave the world into wholeness. And holiness.”

~Margaret Wheatley

1. Wisdom

Dialogue rooted in deeper wisdom offers greater potential for transformation and healing, and connection to the body is crucial in building relationship with this deeper knowing. The body connects us to the moment where a deeper, generative and vital Source resides. Without the richness of the present moment, we can communicate in ways that are reactive, defensive, or simply boring as we retell old stories or fear imagined futures.

Insights From my Backyard Pilgrimage

We are all great rivers flowing to their end Swirling inside us is the silt of ages and creatures and lands And rain that has fallen for millions of years. All this makes us cloudy with mud Unable to see God. As we struggle for clarity and the open sky The Lord keeps saying the same thing: Come...

Redefining Good Health with Thomas Merton

Health as the Integration of Body, Mind, and Soul The aspirational goal of health should be the transformative integration of body, mind, and soul in a person seeking communion with God and neighbor. I propose that we broaden our perspective of health and no longer view...