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Prayer for the Earth

Prayer for the earth is vital in today's spirituality. Why would this be so?   Prayer is a response to a need, our need, the Beloved’s need, and at this present time most pressingly, the need of the earth. In whatever way we are drawn to...

5 Ways Embodiment Helps Us Listen Better

Embodiment is a crucial way to live our lives in better understanding of the world and in relationship with others. Here are 5 ways embodiment helps us to listen more deeply. 

“…If we meet, and if we listen, we reweave the world into wholeness. And holiness.”

~Margaret Wheatley

1. Wisdom

Dialogue rooted in deeper wisdom offers greater potential for transformation and healing, and connection to the body is crucial in building relationship with this deeper knowing. The body connects us to the moment where a deeper, generative and vital Source resides. Without the richness of the present moment, we can communicate in ways that are reactive, defensive, or simply boring as we retell old stories or fear imagined futures.

The Revolutionary Roots of Interspirituality

I grew up in a climate of religious diversity and spiritual intensity that was conducive to interspirituality. Here is my story of engaging in this blossoming worldwide movement.  My Personal Roots of Interspirituality Springtime in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains where I live is really still winter. Drifts...