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What’s In a Name? How the Meaning of Mysticism is Encoded in the Word Itself

What is mysticism? Is there a useful definition of this admittedly vague word? It's one of those words that means many things to many people. In her classic book Practical Mysticism, Evelyn Underhill offers a rather tongue-in-cheek survey of the many ways people define mysticism: as "a...

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Christianity’s Best-Kept Secret

The summer after I graduated from high school, a scary dream and a book changed my life. One Saturday night, I had a nightmare about the world coming to an end. It was filled with imagery straight out of the Bible — darkness at noon, stars...

We Are All Mystics

Many people believe that mystics are in a special group, that a normal person cannot achieve. In this article, I set out to point to the truth that we are all mystics. We all have the capacity to look beyond what is considered reality and see...