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Awareness On The Stage of Life: No Rehearsal Required

What would it be like to perform with awareness onstage with no advance preparation? David Ellzey reflects on his experience doing so at the Science and Non-duality conference and connects those onstage lessons with how we live on the stage of daily life.  Performing in the...

Alternation: Finding the Rhythms of Health and Happiness

Alternation is a natural rhythm that is woven into the fabric of life on this planet. The rotation of the earth around the sun creates an alternation between day and night and the seasons of the year. Our bodies are continually alternating between breathing in...

5 Ways Embodiment Helps Us Listen Better

Embodiment is a crucial way to live our lives in better understanding of the world and in relationship with others. Here are 5 ways embodiment helps us to listen more deeply. 

“…If we meet, and if we listen, we reweave the world into wholeness. And holiness.”

~Margaret Wheatley

1. Wisdom

Dialogue rooted in deeper wisdom offers greater potential for transformation and healing, and connection to the body is crucial in building relationship with this deeper knowing. The body connects us to the moment where a deeper, generative and vital Source resides. Without the richness of the present moment, we can communicate in ways that are reactive, defensive, or simply boring as we retell old stories or fear imagined futures.

Contemplative Presence as Self-Care for Caregivers Part 2

Contemplative presence is a skill that needs to be practiced and developed. Try this short, simple exercise to begin or strengthen your ability to cope with daily stresses in a healthy way.  *** Anyone who walks this life-journey with a wish and willingness to be of genuine service,...

Time to Unplug

Your relationship to time may be the single most important relationship in your life. Summer is the season for letting go. It’s our time to be unserious and reasonably irresponsible. “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability,” as Sam Keen says. Amen to that. Unplugging is harder...

Contemplative Presence as Self-Care for Caregivers: Part 1

Professional caregivers choose that career because they have an intense, compassionate desire to help others. Unfortunately, burnout is a real issue for most professional caregivers, as they give and give without checking in with their own needs. If you are a caregiver, this article will help you...

A Pilgrimage of Silence to Follow St. Teresa of Avila

In recent years I have made pilgrimages of silence to the places in Spain where John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila lived, worked, and died. I call them pilgrimages of silence because I go alone and in visiting the various sites, try to...