The Song Of The Divine

The Song Of The Divine

The Song of the Divine

I stood on a rock above the shore, watching the giant waves crashing on the beach below. Mesmerized by their power and magnificence, I lost all track of time. Caught up in the exquisite dance between the full force of the ocean and those great and mighty waves, I couldn’t help thinking about how that same energy – that same power – moves through you and me.

That power – that force – is love in one of its many forms. It moves through us as life, as love, as joy and wisdom. How it moves will be unique for each of us, but move through us it must. To consciously connect with that life force can be our greatest joy. It empowers us, guides and leads us as we move our way through the life we have been given. Nothing could be more important than to consciously connect to this leading. How else could we discover who we are and why we have come here?

Hearing the Distant Melody

            In meditation, we open ourselves to love’s power so it can enter our heart and leave its imprint on the screen of our awareness. Like a distant melody, we hear the song and we remember, vaguely at first perhaps, but the memory is there and cannot be forgotten.

More and more, we find ourselves returning to the silence, to the bedrock of our being, where we feed on eternal truths that defy expression but which create an unshakable desire within us to relinquish the lesser for the greater. When we do that, all that is holy comes to help us. Our journey is never undertaken alone, for That Which Is is working through us as we open ourselves more and more to Its influence.

Following the Call

            This is not to say the road will always be easy, that our desire will lead us directly to our goal. In our essence, we are already there, even though in our experience, we are still on the way, with lessons to learn, work to be done, growth to be made.

So we learn to rest in the vastness, to let the vastness have its way with us. We surrender all our lesser desires so we might know these depths more fully. As we do, we find there is no end to what we are, nor to what we are becoming. We are the within, and we are the without. Our vision reaches far beyond anything words can say, so we follow the inner leading. We trust its wisdom as we immerse ourselves in the mystery which we cannot fathom but which we can become – indeed, which we are already.

The Task

            As we move in this unfamiliar but most welcoming milieu, we discover that the task is to consciously embody what we have realized. To let it find expression in and through us. To be its eyes and ears and hands and feet.

Staying true to the course requires all that we have and all that we have become. This is one of the highest forms of love of which we are capable. In giving our all to That, we are caught up in its eternal embrace and given the strength to do what most needs – yea, wants – to be done through us.

Living thusly, we touch upon what it means to be truly human. We see both the finiteness and the infinity of our nature. We welcome both the dark and the light, knowing they are one and the same.  We find purpose in both dissonance and harmony. We gladly embrace life’s whimsical melody, captured on the strings of our heart, and we give thanks for the deep currents that are at work within us.

The Quest

You see, this is not just an ordinary journey we are on. This is our soul’s quest. And what is it our soul is seeking? Is it to be able to live and move in sync with those hidden inner forces? If it is, then our definition of success must also change. In this new light, success becomes more a state of being than achieving, more a sense of completeness than a desire to possess.

Thus it is to the silence we must go to find our purpose, even our wholeness. In opening ourselves to how life wants to flow through us, we begin to understand who we are and why we are here. In our oneness is all the support we could ever need, so we enter the current. We let go of how we think life should be and accept life as it is, knowing that at this moment this is how life is singing its song.

Moving with the Tide

Always the divine is seeking to sing its song through its creation. When that moment of divine recognition does come, a joy and a love beyond all possible description fills our being. This is the song of the divine, and it is wild, delirious, ecstatic, unbounded and free.

So we enter into the dance. We give our all to the tasks before us, knowing it is not so much we who are doing the work, but rather that it is being done through us. As we embrace the music, we move through the cadences of life, guided not as much by what we think we know as by the tide that is carrying us to our destined awakening.

The Gift of Grace

            We know now that the journey never really ends, that the light is always shining, so we open our hearts to whatever comes. Even though our task may be difficult, we know now that what is can only be the product of love, of That Which Is, and it has been ours from the beginning of all eternity.

So we watch, we listen, we laugh, and we live, supported by a knowing that has no words and a confidence that is not of our own achieving. The grace of life has found residence within us, and it carries us silently along the path. Through that grace we find the courage to climb when climbing is required, and the strength to surrender the lesser for the greater.

In that trust, and that surrender, we find the path that can only lead us home.



Donna Miesbach
Donna Miesbach

Donna Miesbach has been writing for Contemplative Journal since 2014. Now she has joined our online teaching staff with her course, Moving Through Grief, A Guide to Inner Wholeness. For over thirty years, Donna Miesbach’s inspirational poems and articles have reached around the globe through such venues as Unity Magazine, Daily Word, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II, Ideals, and the Cup of Comfort book series. Donna is the award-winning author of From Grief to Joy, A Journey Back to Life & Living. She was a featured author in Wise Women Speak, 20 Ways to Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones. Among her other books are the Tools for Teens program and Trails of Stardust, Poems of Inspiration and Insight. In 1985, she was named Inspirational Poet of the Year by The Poet Magazine. Donna also co-authored Coaching for a Bigger Win, A Playbook for Coaches, and Coaching Character and Leadership, A Playbook for Parents, with Greg Roeszler, Founder and Executive Director of Playmakers Mentoring Foundation, Sacramento CA. Donna has studied extensively with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon, Dr. David Morehouse, Jonathan Goldman and Roger Gabriel, and is a certified Chopra Center Meditation & Yoga Instructor. Donna lives and teaches in Omaha NE. For more information, please go to